Month: June 2023

Signs of Water Damage in Your Property and How to Deal with It

Water damage is a serious issue that can happen in your property and can cause severe damage if not fixed immediately. Not only can it affect the overall structure of the building, but it also poses risks of mold growth and negatively impacts indoor air quality. Water damage can manifest itself in different ways, and…

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What Is a Real Estate Agent?

There are numerous real estate professionals who make a living helping people buy and sell properties; these professionals are known as Realtors, brokers and salespeople. Real estate agents specialize in one area and have in-depth knowledge of local laws and trends, helping people locate property that matches their needs at fair market value. They'll assist…

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How to check transmission Fluid

It doesn't matter if you have a manual or automatic transmission. You should still check and change your transmission fluid. Hendrick Cary Dodge is here to assist you. Most front wheel drive cars come with a dipstick used to check transmission fluid levels. It's usually just to the left of the oil-dipstick. 1. Pull the…

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